Central Coast Wellness Road Trip

Exploring the coast of California can bring you much more than stunning scenery; it can take you on an immersive wellness road trip! From yoga to massages, paddle boarding to organic cocktails, there is something for everyone’s mind, body, and soul along California’s Central Coast. Learn what’s available on California’s Central Coast Wellness Roadtrip.  … Read more »

A Central Coast Adventure Road Trip

California’s Central Coast: more than just a day at the beach. Most people associate the Central Coast with its incredible beaches—but there is SO much more! Whether you’re a once-in-a-while-athlete or a full-out adrenaline junkie, California’s Central Coast has the perfect outlet for any activity level. Check out these examples of Central Coast’s outdoor recreation.… Read more »

CCTC 2017/18 Year End Report

The mission of Central Coast Tourism Council is to inspire and influence travel to California’s Central Coast. Learn how CCTC promoted the California’s Central Coast this past fiscal year by viewing the 2017/2018 Year End Report. Download the report here. August, 2018

Dream Drive Event

California’s Central Coast welcomes visitors again. The classic Highway 1 drive along the Central Coast has re-opened and we are celebrating. Extreme weather in 2017 severely affected the areas around Big Sur and northern San Luis Obispo County, resulting in road closures on Pacific Coast Highway. Thanks to the efforts of Caltrans, the roadwork is… Read more »

CCTC Marketing Plan Available

“The excitement and momentum are building…” It’s here! The Central Coast Tourism Council’s new Marketing Plan. Over the past year and a half, Central Coast Tourism Council has taken a deep dive and look into the future of the organization and how we can adapt and evolve to further benefit our members and the entire… Read more »