Central Coast Works Together

“…the positive results of this campaign show the true power of collaboration.” Working together to send a collective tourism message to the world, the members of the Central Coast Tourism Council (CCTC) have reached new heights of success, proving that innovative thinking and unique teamwork can see a quieter region band together to compete with… Read more »

Central Coast Eco-Road Trip

A stunning coastline, rich with marine life, leaves visitors awash with memories from this sun-kissed region. We invite you to hit the road and shift into carefree gear on one, or even all of these suggested itineraries. Cruising California’s Central Coast is the ultimate eco-road trip and gives you plenty of opportunities to let your… Read more »

Central Coast Culinary Road Trip Part 4

Central Coast Culinary Road Trip PART FOUR: Ventura Region  Easily accessible and located just north of Los Angeles (but a whole different world), the VENTURA REGION offers an idyllic and quiet reprieve featuring a wealth of natural and cultural attractions. This southern-most area of the Central Coast offers top agritourism experiences, with free farm tours… Read more »

Central Coast Culinary Road Trip Part 3

Central Coast Culinary Road Trip PART THREE: Santa Barbara Region  A drive along the Pacific Coast Highway has been called the quintessential California experience and the way to discover one of the most scenic coastlines on the planet. Drink in the surroundings and taste your way along the following Central Coast wine trails which hold… Read more »

Central Coast Culinary Road Trip Part 2

Central Coast Culinary Road Trip PART TWO: San Luis Obispo Region The Central Coast is a destination that can take your breath away and give you time to breathe all at once. Its 350-mile stretch of California coastline allows memories to be made, rewards curiosity, is rich with flavor and ultimately revitalizes the spirit like… Read more »